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Technology Event
High Tech Campus Eindhoven


Language: English
Date: 05 Jun 2023
Time: 16:00 - 18:30
Entry fee: 0


Conference Center, High Tech Campus Eindhoven

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Join us for a Campus Tech Seminar on how technology can promote vitality and well-being in a work environment.

Three speakers will provide an overview about what is happening in the field of technology and within organizations for the work environment and will provide integral perspectives on vitality solutions, innovations, and also vitality programs. Within various demo’s you can experience recent technologies and check your own vitality. This vitality campus tech seminar is part of another vitality event this week: Campus Vitality Boost.


15:30 Demo’s

16:00 Welcome and Introduction 
Marieke van Beurden, Manager Workplace Vitality Hub
Marina Biller, High Tech Campus Eindhoven

16:10 The Workplace of the Future: Innovations and Technology for Health?
Speaker: Prof. Steven Vos, Eindhoven University of Technology and School of Sports Studies, Fontys University of Applied Sciences

16:35 Are Employee Wellbeing Programs in Organizatons Useful?
Speaker: Hans Kerkkamp MD PhD, Corporate Vitality – Employee Empowerment – Medker consultancy

17:05 A Healthy Connection of Body and Mind through Smart Clothing
Speaker: Charlotte Kjellander, PhD, Entrepreneur

17:20 Joint Q&A

17:30 Closing

17:30 Demo’s & Networking Drinks


Speakers and Content of the Talks

Prof. Steven Vos, Eindhoven University of Technology and School of Sports Studies, Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Over the past decade, the role of technology in our work has become increasingly important. Technological advances have enabled high levels of communication with ever faster processes that allow office workers, many of whom sit behind a screen, to be accessible and connected anytime, anywhere. Along with benefits, there is also a downside. These developments also weigh on people's physical and mental health, making the impact very detrimental to the individual, but the impact on employers cannot be underestimated either.

However, these technologies and new technological developments also have tremendous potential to actually provide a solution and provide tailored support for people. But then we need to ensure that technology can adapt to users and their personal preferences, work routines and environment.

Prof. dr. Steven Vos has a PhD in Human Kinesiology and holds a master’s degree in Social Psychology. He is both a full professor (Chair Design and Analysis of Intelligent Systems for Vitality and Leisure Time Sports) at the Department of Industrial Design at TU/e, and head of research at the School of Sports Studies, Fontys University of Applied Sciences. Furthermore, he is one of the co-founders of the Workplace Vitality Hub at the High Tech Campus.

Hans Kerkkamp MD PhD

Workplace wellbeing initiatives are an important prevention strategy to target the health and wellbeing of employees. The strategy must be based on three levels of wellbeing: a healthy organization, occupational health, and individual wellbeing. Once these three levels are executed long-term employability is achieved.  

Hans Kerkkamp is trained as a Medical Doctor and specialized in anaesthesia and intensive care in the Netherlands. He has over 20 years of experience in his work field. In 2000 he was the chairman of the Dutch National Society of Anaesthesiologists (NVA). Besides that he was a Professor in Anaesthesia at the University Medical Centre in Utrecht, he was the Chief Medical Officer of a General Top-Clinical Hospital in the Netherlands and he was appointed at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) in Qatar as a Deputy Medical Chief. Recently he has started his Employee Wellbeing Consultancy Organisation. He works (inter)nationally and is the senior medical advisor of Corporate Vitality.

Charlotte Kjellander, PhD, Entrepreneur

At Touchwaves, a deeptech start-up, we develop nurturing wearable technologies, smart garments, to provide comfort and support to ensure resilience in an increasingly dynamic, and often demanding, environment. We integrate electronics in textiles, waves of touch, to build on the intimacy of clothing and to augment its expressive and communicative qualities.

Charlotte Kjellander is a smart materials expert with over 20 years of experience in academia and industry. Besides that, she’s co-founder of Touchwaves and Mysa, deeptech start-ups in interactive textiles and garments. Currently she’s active as managing director of both companies and as program manager for medical wearables team at the Holst Centre, TNO. Finally she was one of the InspiringFifty Deeptech award winners.


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